Boosting Golf Club Membership

The trends from the past few years are clear. Golf club memberships are on the decline. Even the most prominent clubs in the country are experiencing declines as compared to membership levels from 10 or 15 years ago.

But is it inevitable for a golf club to experience such an issue? Or is there something that can be done? Here are a few ways that you can boost golf club membership.

1. Members Add Members Schemes

Troon golf management

The best way to get more members to a club is to give your existing members an incentive to invite people. Say you introduce a two-way discount for the members adding members scheme at your club.

Existing members get a discount for each member they add, while recommended members also get a discount. Now you will see active members making a real effort to get their friends and family members to join the club.

Yes, you have to take a cut on the membership fees. But you have to think long term. These are people who will be paying fees for years, while they will spend money at your club when they come to visit!

2. Management Companies

Hiring a company like Troon golf management to run your business is one way that you can hand off the problem to someone else. This type of management company has extensive experience in getting new members to join clubs, through various schemes and reward incentives.

3. Pay Later

Most golf clubs have expensive fees that you must pay to join. And then an annual fee must be paid to renew membership. One option for club owners is to have a monthly payment scheme, where the member is paying a fixed amount each month to remain a member. It will offset the financial cost, presenting a more reasonable figure to people who do not want to spend a $1000 in one transaction on a golf club membership.